Ol’ Glory Energy Drink In Stock!


Mid America is proud to announce that we are now certified and approved distributors of Ol' Glory Energy Drink; flavors include Original Citrus, Mixed Berry, Fruit Punch and Mango Lemonade.

Ol’ Glory is America's Energy Drink because of two primary reasons: Taste and Price.

Ol’ Glory has a smooth, easy-to-drink flavor, along with the energy boost consumers expect from an energy drink, without paying the high prices of many other leading brands. Although it is a better value for the consumer, Ol’ Glory does not sacrifice on the key ingredients that people look for in an energy drink, in fact, Ol’ Glory’s key ingredients are very similar to other leading energy drinks.

In addition, Ol’ Glory supports our military men and women by donation of a portion of all sales to Operation Homefront. Find out more about supporting Operation Homefront

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